Sooo…I popped up in Abu Dhabi!

So let me lead with this. It was just a year and a half ago that I was planning my first private trunk show ever at my home for Galentine’s Day (February 2018) here in Abu Dhabi. 15 amazing women from all walks of life showed up for me that day and got to know not only one another but more about me and my journey in re-discovering myself and my confidence both personally and professionally.

At that time- The Alpha Collection was definitely in the baby stage. I had conceptualized the framework for this fashion collection and set the foundation with what and who I wanted to represent and was preparing to share the journey thus far with these few ladies.

At that time I had only created “Alexis“- in the realest of reds I could find and “Sofia” in the truest of blue hues. The rest of this infamous lady gang of ALPHA gorgeousness would soon join after.

And of course I’m extra so when planning this pop-up, I couldn’t just create a SAVE the DATE- I had to have an invite too.

Fast forward to Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 and here I am hosting my very first of many international PUBLIC pop ups (you gotta speak it into existence) and not just anywhere but at the illustrious Hakkasan at Emirates Palace- recently voted as a hot spot must see in Abu Dhabi by CNN.

Credit: @raineyamore

Yes that same Emirates Palace, where they filmed an installment of Fast and Furious and yes in Abu Dhabi, where they shot many scenes of Sex and The City 2.

This is the place that I am currently calling home and I am finally making it happen for myself and it feels good.

To have people know, respect and admire what you have created.

To know that the hard work, sleepless nights, overthinking, anxiety and excitement is beginning to pay off.

And to know that my talents and skills that were blessings and certainly not deserving because it was all GOD-

Yep- alllllllllll of that feels pretty darn good.

So let’s get into it shall we.

Hosted on the terrace of the Japanese jewel known as Hakkasan that overlooks some of the most magnificent views set against the backdrop that is the city of Abu Dhabi, allowed my pop up to be everything.

Special thanks to Alex Pal- the photographer of the evening

From the food to the cocktails-not a note was missed in this symphony of style and sophistication. I mean there was this shrimp tempura with a hint of wasabi, stuffed pumpkin filled with sweet meat and dim sum dumplings topped with mushrooms that melted in your mouth, served with three styles of sauces for the perfect plating for your palate.

And then there was this amazingly gorgeous gin based concoction called the Pink Pearl and creaminess of the Hakkatini cocktail (not pictured) that just as delicious. An extra special thanks to photographer- Alex Pal for his amazing skills.

Signature Pink drinks of course- called the Pink Pearl
She had confetti in her hair and a cocktail in her hand“- Anonymous

And can we take a moment and get into the energy of the female dj #girlpower along with the live percussionis- Walter Scalzone @walterscalzone

He was incredibly talented and made sure the ladies had tons of fun!

Thanks to @raineyamore for catching footage

But more importantly- thanks to the fabulous people who came out to see the even more fabulous ALPHA and preview the BETA Collection (coming in early Spring 2020).

The amount of support and love I received from the local community set the vibe was felt all throughout the space.

Which brings me to the setup.

Now at Devereaux- #itsallaboutthedetails and I have a slight obsession with the clean and crisp look of black and white, but especially when paired with with an equally perfect accent color, which happens to be my absolute fave next to leopard and that is pink.

Details are incredibly important to me and if you can’t tell by my blog- I love to write and so words and fun little quotes are also very key to my creative process.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-20191128-WA0006-3651680694-1575539776464.jpg

When a client receives their custom made Devereaux piece, I want it to arrive like a personalized present waiting to be opened and so should you order from the House of Devereaux- your made to measure magic will show up in a sleek textured black logo box wrapped in of course a coordinated leopard print ribbon.

But one of the most important pieces to my tablescape was incredibly special, as it is one of the few things that I have left from my grandmother- Josephine- whom the black velvet metallic piece was named for).

And that was a vintage silver sequin handbag given to me when she passed away and I had to have it present as a reminder she being my inspiration and having an integral influence on my journey.

This set the stage for the preview of Beta featuring- “Brigitte” named for Brigitte Bardot in rose gold, “Grace” named for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in jewel tone green and “Jacqueline” named for Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis- worn by me in silver metallic.

I even paired each Beta blazer with a handbag because as my grandmother always said “a young lady NEVER leaves the home without her purse or her pocketbook” and in this journey I really wanted to continuously pay homage to her. Additonally, as a merchandiser by trade and skill- I feel like it’s important that people can read a Devereaux look and know that woman is going places- literally and figuratively when they see her (random and weird I know), and the right bag says just that.

But the ambiance- oh the ambiance wouldn’t be complete without some amazing attendees and the ladies to share the night with.

The weather was just perfect for blazers and fall style, but warm enough to really enjoy the time on the terrace.

As the lovelies perused the pieces, we discussed things to come as well as my love for details against the structure of suiting, particularly- blazers.

And while I recognize that details are fun- I also aim to create pieces that speak to classic style and that women can identify with when they wear it.

I even had a chance to chat it up with the amazingly creative Amy who had tons of ideas and is headed off to start her career as a fashion design student. She couldn’t get enough of the Josephine named for Josephine Baker as well as my grandmother and jumped at the chance to try it on.

I mean what lady doesn’t mind playing a little dress up every now and then and if you know me- then you know I encourage it.

While these are samples- I know there is not greater feeling then pure genuine silk against the skin and so the ladies were in love.

These pieces require movement and I consider them experiential and highly reflective of self expression.

I utilize bold colors like red and a classic black and white because they are basis and foundation for a fun and yet functional wardrobe.

And if people knew what I went through to locate this EXACT red for “Alexis“- then you would understand why I am so extra. I searched near and far- vendor to vendor to find the PERFECT shade of french red crepe fabric that is forgiving of virtually every woman of every race and tone.

And then electric shade but in a fun silhouette like the “Sofia” and her extra super dramatic bell sleeve.

But I also love the look of dark on dark, because it creates edge along a level of extraness, especially when you add a bit of fringe for fun.

@raineyamore making it look even better

There is nothing that ties together a look more than a great cut jacket or blazer- as it’s like that finishing touch or accessory.

And of course you can’t help but come alive when you add little leopard fun for some edge, flair and feline feminity as a lining. Because after all #leopardisacolor and #leopardisaneutral.

Please keep in mind- I am incredibly hands on and love to help women look their ABSOLUTE BEST- so when you book a consultation with me and trust- you NEED to book a consultation with me, prepare for a session of primping and prepping.

And I firmly believe that no one is a succes on their own, nor are they complete without a tribe that stands beside them to guide their way or behind them to hold a mirror.

So I was pleasantly surprised when many ladies arrived in style and ready for fun with their gorgeous girl group in tow and we all had a blast- because I LIVE for a good ole girl gang.

I mean how cute are they!

And it was all love when they and several others took to social media to show me even more support! Check out just a few of my favorite Insta Story features below from @norhan_owis, @rodicavladilapop and @lubnamoataz all incredibly kind ladies!

To see much more POP UP footage from the eyes of other fabulous ladies- follow me @houseofdevereaux on Instagram and check it out under the POP UP highlights link with special thanks to the gorgeous @patricia_oh_

But let’s also not forget to highlight just a few of the fellas who were in attendance and not camera shy. If you fancy something extra special- I can also create looks for men as well.

Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who wanted to but couldn’t, everyone back home who sent me texts and prayers and positivity and shout outs and love and love and more love. And even more thanks to my entire Texas family and friends and Team DeVeReaux- you know who you are! I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I especially have to thank my best friend Mai all the way back in Houston, Texas and also my teammates- The Jets for surprising me with beautiful roses and cards of encouragement.

I also have to thank Ms. Kimberly Carey @heavenlyreflection_mu– for the beat down on my mug that lasted wayyyy past a Cinderella midnight and Nikki Thompson @becoming_nikkithompson for the long golden locks. I didn’t melt not a moment throughout the evening and it felt extra special to be made over even if for a night.

So an extra special thanks to her, everyone who helped me prepare- like my teammates from the Abu Dhabi Jets and especially Ieva from Hakkasan and her PR team as well as photographer- Alex Pal for the awesome behind the scenes looks.

They were incredible in helping me employ my vision and spread the word about the event.

I also must send a very very very special thank you to Miss Christine Kennedy who is not pictured- because like a true professional, she spent the evening ensuring everything and everyone was taken care of. If you are in need of special event planning with ease- please contact @prissychrissyevents.

And lastly I must especially thank my main man for making me feel like a million dollars not just that night but every day as he continually pushs and supports me in my dreams. I definitely found a winner in you!

It was because of your support, the support of those who love me and have followed my work over the years, pouring into me, teaching me, mentoring me, showing me and pushing me that I POPPED UP IN ABU DHABI!

As my event planner extraordinaire- Christine Kennedy of Prissy Chrissy Events said so eloquently- “this pop up was just the appetizer- now in 2020 let’s serve them this entree“. And I couldn’t agree more!

Soooo….get ready for the main course in Spring 2020 and look out for the Beta Collection in its entirely coming at you. It will certainly be mmmm mmm good and I can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

I am entering next year ready to walk in my purpose and I hope you do too!

Ciao For Now!



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