Soo…. Meet My Muses

Soooo it’s no secret that the Alpha Collection has been a long time coming and I appreciate all of the support behind this amazing feat.

I wanted to give my readers and the lovers of my DeVeReaux Ready to Wear pieces and little backstory behind the meaning of Alpha and the muses who made for great inspiration.

First up- is the incomparable and iconic Golden Globe nominated, survivor of breast cancer-Diahann Carroll aka the original “Dominique DeVeReaux“. Known for her ground breaking role as Julia, she was the first black woman to star in a television series as well as the first black woman to win a Tony for Best Actress.

However, my generation came to fondly know her as Marion Gilbert- mother of Whitley Gilbert in “A Different World” and of course of scene stealer and show shopper- “Dominique DeVeReaux” of hit 80’s television show- Dynasty.

She serves as the muse behind both the “Dominique” and “DeVeReaux” blazers in a deep emerald money green and fuchsia pink short suit made of 100% raw silk

She is the “MUVA” of alllllll MOTHERS!

Secondly- she is joined by the British bombshell and blue eyed beauty- Joan “Alexis Carrington” Collins- also of Dynasty fame. The two of these women together took 80’s glamour to a whole other worldly level with looks that could kill. There were furs and rich fabrics that made you gasp when they entered a room and that’s what I want for DeVeReaux. For women who wear my pieces to feel as fabulous as they look.


Known for power reds and strong lines of black and white- Alexis Carrington was one of the originators of “shade” and was a power player in any male dominated arena and that’s why she is the muse for the “Alexis” and “Carrington” blazers, made of power red with strong tailored lines as well as black and white.

Next, there is Sophia aka “Sofia”, famous for her lash outs and ability to shoot from the hip while owning the room. Sophia Loren- the sultry silver screen siren who hit AND stole the scene with her curvaceous figure and had the men of her era eating from the palm of her hand.


So it was only appropriate that the “Sofia” blazer be made in a beautiful royal blue with bell sleeve details for the ladies who love to appear “demure” but deep down live for a little bit of drama.

Lastly are the “Josephines” – my late grandmother- Josephine “Suga” Bedford and the incomparable entertainer- Freda “Josephine Baker”. Both women known to take no prisoners and put any and everyone in their place.

My grandmother was a believer in always leaving the house looking your best especially on Sundays for church. Her personality was one of a kind and the epitome of an “Alpha” woman in her family life.


Josephine Baker was a breaker of barriers politically, racially and in the entertainment realms in being the first African American to star in a major motion picture in 1927’s Siren of the Tropics as well as a leader and agent in the French Resistance. Born in America but bred in France where she found her fame- after World War I ended, she was awarded the Croix de guerre by the French military and named a Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur by General Charles de Gaulle of the now Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

As an entertainer in film and vaudeville, she influenced the likes of so many from Beyonce to Diana Ross and was respected world’s over for her talent with Ernest Hemingway calling her “the most sensational woman anyone ever saw” ans Picasso with his many paintings depicting her. She was certainly the stuff legends were made of and a woman of her own particular style and taste. She was a lover of two things “my children and Paris” in which she had 12 children- 10 of whom were adopted.

And recently- I created a piece that could pay homage to none other than Catwoman herself- Eartha Mae Kitt. An electrically dynamic entertainer, Ms. Kitt learned the power of being ALPHA at an early age, as she had to fend for herself during a time where being a multi-racial child of Cherokee/African and White descent and alleged product of rape who was given up by her mother meant that life would be anything but easy.

To channel that “animal instinct” as she called it into her performances of the arts, she would come to be called “the most exciting woman in the world” by the famous Orson Welles. She was member of the world reknown Katharine Dunham Dance Company, and the singer behind one of my most favorite Christmas songs ever “Santa Baby” and if you know me- you know how much I love Christmas.

Not only was she multilingual in learning German, Dutch and of course English- but she often sang in French and eleven other languages and it is said that she inspired the look of Diana Ross in her career with the Supremes and beyond with her elegant and eccentric style and brightly wide eyes. Let’s not forget she followed Julie Newmar to become the FIRST black “Catwoman” in the 60s with the signature growl.

But her career wasn’t limited to just entertainment, as she would receive backlash and even become blacklisted for her outburst in the White House during the Johnson Administration for her anti war comments regarding Vietnam. As a retaliation, this would lead to a CIA witch hunt which worked for only a bit, as she came back swinging.

She would then become an activist for underprivileged youth with her own foundation-Kittsville Youth, a member of the Women’s Internatioal League for Peace and Freedom and an advocate for LBGT Rights all while constantly protesting the war. And her known presence in taking a stand only made the fans want more, leading her into voiceover work, MAC Cosmetic campaigns, a massive Broadway stint and even cameo spots on shows like the Nanny, Jeopardy and my all time favorite as “Lady Eloise” in Boomerang- with her infamous “MARRRRCUSSSS DARLING”.

It was said that even on her death bed- her last words, weren’t words at all but a giant scream at the top of her lungs, not from pain but from release and then she was gone. She was bold and loud and proud and ALPHA and lived life by her terms and so the piece I created could only be for her and I can’t for you to see.

Each of these ladies represent the feminine fire that I want women to feel when they wear DeVeReaux. Not only do I want you to look fabulous but feel fabulous and rich and luxe when you OWN the room. All of these women represented the idea of “be a classic in a room full of trends” to the tee. That’s what an Alpha woman is all about. She doesn’t HAVE to speak to make a statement but know that if she does- she definitely has something to say and her style says so.

So please- take advantage of the pre-orders \ to get your hands on the exclusive custom-made Alpha collection that can only be found here.



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