• Easy payment option

  • Invoices and Receipts provided

  • Affordable payment schedule offered


As a valued client- you may opt to purchase your piece outright making the complete payment in full as listed on the website. By making the payment in full- this will ensure that the work on your custom made piece will begin immediately and once completed will ship in a timely manner (4-6 weeks) as outlined in our Client Care information.

Alternatively- Devereaux also offers a payment schedule for all custom design work. This includes a one time deposit of $75 US per item ( approximately 275 AED) and the remaining balance will be split into payments.  Once work on an item has begun ALL deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Once the deposit payment is received- the client will be provided information regarding their selected style(s) and a payment schedule outlining options. The client can then reply with one of the selected payment options and then receive an invoice outlining each payment and its due date. Payments are due no later than 3 days after each invoice is sent to client and services are complete.

Clients will also receive receipts after each payment is received and your custom order will ship once the final payment is rendered.

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