1. Love it all! Everything looks beautiful!! Especially your mother..happy Mother’s Day!!
    -Brian M.

  2. WELL ……………………OK
    On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 2:53 AM The Devereaux Diary wrote:
    > devereauxdossier posted: ” So before you start reading, no this is not a > PSA about the great state. Wait who am I kidding yes it is. Because on the > 8th day- God made Texas, Book of Gexodus 7:11- the greatest state in the > U.S. (yes I’m biased), and today, I want to thank the Good” >

  3. While Reading your monologue about your trip I felt like I was physically transferred into every new discovery. Almost as real as being there. Thank you for the trip.

  4. Following your blogs is making my bucket list longer and longer. Your attention to detail is awesome. Thanks for taking us along.
    B Bedford

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip on the Riviera. It was as if I was actually there
    Thank you

  6. Those 2 little ladies at the beginning of the tour were the inspiration for the 2 ladies in ” All About the Benjamins”

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