Sooo…Brandon is B.A.E.

And what exactly does that mean? Well in true form- Brandon Maxwell has done it again and thats why he is bae which stands for “Brandon is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING”.

It’s no secret that NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is underway and September is one of the hottest times of the year when it comes to fashion. My Texas boy wonder- Brandon Maxwell showcased his Spring/Summer 2020 Collection last night in Brooklyn, New York and I personally think it’s safe to say that Brandon has spent this year solidifying himself as one of the greats.

From his win of the coveted Womenswear Designer of the Year at the year’s CFDA Awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America) to securing his position as resident go-to designer on the new installment of Project Runway to now with the creation of this collection, which reads so well as casual couture- or at least that’s what I am coining it- Brandon has set his awesome self in auto-pilot on this fairytale ride through the fashion industry.

How can it be casual couture though? Because while the look and ease of each garment reads as casual, it is combined with the luxurious feel and quality that reads as couture and creates a style that not only appears attainable but also effortless- two things that a woman on the go’s closet is made of.

After reviewing and replaying and replaying and reviewing Brandon’s collection and remember I will NEVER get his S/S 2019 collection out of my mind (quick refresher course here), there is no denying that this current collection amongst others screams Americana mainstay. And I mean in the way that the legendary Ralph Lauren has and we all know that man is the epitome of longevity in the industry, so why would Brandon not also be.

What I love even more about the collection is that Brandon led up to its launch with a campaign centered around the everyday woman by highlighting interviews from the worker honey bees that make this particular “B-Hive” come alive, all Queen Bees in their own right.

From his Senior Accountant, Dana who was absolutely adorable in her white capelet to Executive Vice President, Sharon who wore the sleekest black and backless look to his Associate Designer Liza with her country accent all the way from Alabama to Brittney, an intern turned Production Assistant and even Jennifer and Carol- pattern maker extraordinaires who spend their time mastering the geometry and mathematics that go into making his enormous but ethereal gowns, these interviews capture beautifully what it means to be a part of the Brandon Maxwell team. Riley- the model campaign even thanks Brandon for being true and loyal in an industry that many times isn’t.

You can check out his mini interviews with his fleet of femme powerhouses here on his Instagram- @brandonmaxwell.

What I love about Brandon is his genuine nobility but his intentional and continuous nods to the women in and around his life and how he plays to the things that makes them beautiful both inside and out, how he speaks to their lifestyle while still showcasing his love for the art of fashion and the woman behind it. Brandon’s collection speaks to the woman who is not only chic and strong but also to the woman wants to look well put together without being overly done and with this collection, he certainly has done it again.

Ok Ok ok….enough ranting and raving- whose ready for some looks?

These shorts in a metallic black and salmon pink and bold red paired with the perfect bag DOING IT and doing it WELL!

Can we get into these extra crisp popped collars and colors of neutral on pastels along with classic creme on black?

Wide leg pants are always a YES YES YES for me

Or even these classic and easy silhouettes like this A-line dress

And let’s pause for the uber cute mini skirt/ mini dress cause

Or the oversized dramatic tops paired with denim

We cannot forget the denim- does this mean Brandon Maxwell is now making premium denim cause if so I need at least 2 pair for the long legged girls! All dolled up with big bejeweled accessories

Speaking of accessories- I spotted a boxy black leather bag with gold hardware and I am obsessed with it. It’s classic- chic and stylish and goes well with virtually everything and if Brandon is releasing this bag- I am definitely considering buying

Also I am seeing Men by Brandon Maxwell? And I loving these suit color selections and extra cool outerwear pieces

Even the long outerwear draped over the ladies who looked luxe in silk charmeuse numbers

Or the all black pieces that have a place in very ladies closet

Right next to a selection of Maxwell made metallics for the perfect accent

Then there were the belly baring beauties that I can only beg to get into after a lose a whole body worth of weight- just sleek and sultry

We all know it isn’t a Brandon Maxwell show with a signature full skirt or two or four

Including the one he kills the finale with by ending the show in a stunning white crop and matching full skirt bottom

Check out the collection in its entirety here

Overall when I see this collection, it basic says to me come Summer 2020- Au Revoir Abu Dhabi and Bonjour from the beaches of Saint Tropez. Cpuld it be that I am still on a high from my recent travels to the South of France- possibly, or that Brandon is just amazing at making some serious pret a porter magic, but every piece is stamped Summer garden day party followed by an evening on a luxury yacht for aperitifs.

I definitely can’t wait to see what Brandon brings us for Fall/Winter 2020 come February.

As always job way over well done Brandon!

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