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It’s no secret that I love fashion and attending Arab Fashion Week has become one of the highlights of relocating to the UAE. While in the past I have been present for at least 3 out of the 5 days of showcases, this season’s Spring/Summer schedule conflicted with mines and I was only able to catch the finale evening featuring Amato Couture, Sophie Couture, Baravia and the stand alone stunner which was the closing collection of Rami Kadi.

Held inside the newly opened “world’s first ready couture concept store“, 1422– located in City Walk- Dubai, this segment was presented on a much smaller scale than previous showcases.

While I enjoyed a break from the usual heat of being held outside and amongst the massive crowds walking the uber chic luxury shopping center, the runway inside seemed a bit small for the level of style that was set to hit the runway, but that’s another story for another day.

Soooo… let’s get into some fashion. The 1422 Concept Store read like the perfect closet for a fairy tale princee as it was nicely merchandised with curved racks of couture gowns, shoes from Charles + Keith, displays of ouds and accessories and even a Laduree stand, because we all know its local tradition to be able to catch a coffee/cafe ANYWHERE and I do mean anywhere, even if that means placing it in the corner of a fashion store.



It was during the intermission of the shows while I perused, that I met an amazingly kind young woman who in my opinion stood out in the crowd. Modesty is many times deemed as boring (which is so untrue) to those who don’t understand style, but relocating to a Muslim country, you get to experience firsthand how fashion influences the lifestyle of the modern Muslim woman.

She was so polished and well put together and the designer for her look-Fadzil Hadin was also on her arm. It was incredibly chic and fresh. A break of sorts from all the ball gowns or body conscious dresses sprinkled amongst the crowd of show-goers. So check out Chantique of Brunei if you have a chance. They can ve found at the O Concept Store in Dubai

Another change from previous seasons was that the amazing collection of Amato Couture was not the usual closer but the evening opener with the launch of his jewelry collection in collaboration with Home of Eve Jewellery.

This collection while not as over the top as we have come to expect from the fabulous Furne One, did not lack in story telling or cohesion nor in attention to detail and I liken to call it “Pretty Woman in Punk“.

With the fishnets not only on the gams but the gloves, the models wearing one earring, the leather thigh highs and booties as well as punk caps that were paired with feathers and oversized bows, draped fabric and bright colors, it was ala “very Vivian” and as visible as the transformation seen on Julia Roberts character when she appeared in the infamous red Marilyn Vance dress in the film.

While I believe the focus was to be on the jewelry, it did appear to be an afterthough, but the pieces that were used definitely stood out towards the end of the collection. What I also loved was the great use of color not only in the designs but with the models.

There were models of ALL shades present on tihe runway and each look left you wanting to see more. #Representationmatters. So fabulous job as always Amato.


But I had to get ready for the showstopper that was Rami Kadi. An incredibly young Lebanese designer as only 33, Rami is more than ready to be seen and his designs definitely reflect that. At the tender age of 25, in 2011, he had already launched his own showroom and atelier in Beirut and recently debuted at Paris Fashion Week just this year. Check out his Spring/Summer 2019 collection below.

With feathered frocks mixed with tweeds and paired with bermuda shorts.

To floor length gowns with ruffled flair. He has an eye and intuition that speaks to innovation and creation by attempting to see and feel fabrics in unorthodox ways and yet continually comes across as young and fresh but not overly trendy.


Just have a look and tell me what you think because personally I was blown away.

The broken glass look was breathtaking along with the use of embellishments and heavily detailed cutouts and shapes.

He even took classic shapes like this shirt dress and made it that much more interesting and stylish.

His creations were fun and fearlessly editorial, made for the woman who wants to own the room when she walks in.

A woman who wears Rami Kadi, in my opinion, has to believe in the mantra “I came, I saw, I killed it” and have an appreciation for standing out with no fear of being different.

While the show started a little later than my liking as I had to get back to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, the wait was definitely worth it to witness the works of this talented and wittingly beautiful young man. Much continued success as we are definitely ready for more from you Rami.


He has definitely inspired me to get back to work which I’m doing now soooo….until next time and next Arab Fashion Week.

Here’s a few snippets below:



*Please note- while I was present for the showcase- all photos are courtesy of Gio Staiano of NOWFASHION

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