Sooo….its Paris Fashion Week (Elie Saab)

Ok ok ok so I know it’s been awhile- but let’s just say this the beginning of this year has been a blur okay. I mean can 2019 slow down already. Like where the hell did March come from? Its like January slowly creeped by and then I blinked and February was here and then gone. Anyhow nonetheless these are some of my favorite times of the year.

While most people are looking forward to the SuperBowl in February and March Madness of course- in March, I am most looking forward to two things- AWARDS season closing with #TheOscars and of course- Fashion Week. Now don’t get me wrong- I loves me some NYFW (New York Fashion Week) but I have always been partial to PFW (Paris Fashion Week)…and no no no not because it’s French- well kinda, but moreso because it brings out the BIG GUNS. I’m talking COUTURE, ELEGANT, DRAMATIC REALNESS and the collection that has really caught my eye this upcoming Fall 19/20 season is none other than the Lebanese lord himself- Mr. Elie Saab.  And even though this collection is Paris RTW (Ready to Wear) Fashion Week and not all couture- many of the looks read so.

Now here in the UAE- Elie Saab is fashion royalty, I mean given his background it only makes sense right. He has always been a man of impeccable style and taste when it comes to outfitting the modern woman whether she is fashionable or dreams to be. When it comes to fitting the female frame- Elie is just everything.

So enough rambling- let’s get into the show.

Fresh out the gate- I knew I was gonna love this collection as it started with what I love- and that’s strikingly bold color AND bad a** thigh high boots. Put those two together and you have a recipe for some DeVeReaux realness. Now anybody and I do mean anybody who knows me-KNOWS and I mean K-N-O-W-S me, knows that I LOVEEEEEE a good ole thigh high boot. I mean its sultry and sexy and you just feel fiercer than fierce when you slide it on. It’s like they possess a magical power that automatically takes over as soon as your feet touch the ground and you owe everything around you.


And this collection was just that for me-magical and  dare I say was very VERY DeVeReaux inspired- yes you read it right- I inspired it (insert sarcastic laugh) no but really every element you see is incredibly and truly me and it let me know that my current aesthetic and inspiration for my signature outerwear collection (coming soon) is right on target.

Now keep in mind this was an almost 60 piece collection- so I am going to showcase my top looks that I loved as they told the ultimate “modern love story“. If you would like to see the collection in its entirety- click here. Trust me- its worth 12 minutes of your time. To see the actual movement of the pieces gives justice where photos cannot. They definitely set the mood with soul and funk beats that battled and won against the 1970’s overly glamorous chic wears on the models. The first 4 looks set the tone and the bar for pieces to come and then the remainder of the collection raised it several notches.

So we touched on the color choices of- cranberry, midnight black, electric blue and emerald- but now let’s talk execution of details.

We all know I love VELVET and a good pantsuit- and the way he pairs the two together makes this play on menswear that much more plush with satin contrast and oversized bows. And let’s not forget the two sequin pantsuits with an added cape and drape for extra drama.


The way he manipulates plisse to where it maintains it shine and richness while looking luxury is masterful. Can you say liquid luxe?


Then, there was use of this obnoxiously oversized print- that just worked so well with all of the other looks- tying together almost every color and when paired with the most beautiful bronzed boot made the entire collection come alive, by breaking up the monotone solids.


There was certainly no shortage of feathers and fluff along with flowy and fiery colors and fancy cuts, textures and silhouettes to create a fabulous full collection.




And lastly- the show ended on the right note with ruffles galore in the 4 featured regal colors of before. Of course paired with coordinating thigh high boots. Now look I am learning to not read comments alot of the time that people make on public forums such as Youtube (God ain’t through with me yet) but when watching the show, one commentator said “hate over the knee high boots with high heels- elegant women don’t wear such boots as they are uncomfortable“. Now I’ll say this- to each its own, but elegance is in the legs of the beholder and those who can DO- those who can’t- WATCH as they do.

Elegance is in any woman who OWNS what she wears- thigh high boot or not. Elie Saab is the epitome of elegance and has dressed some of the most immaculate women of our time from our Beyonces to Rihannas and even Meryl Streeps to the stunning Michelle Yeoh at this year Oscars not to mention- Halle Berry when she won her coveted Best Actress Oscar in 2002.

He has dresses literal Queens like Jania of Jordan and Victoria and Madeliene of Sweden and was the first Arab to be admitted to the fashion industry‚Äôs governing body, Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture- a major and historical honor. So when I think of elegance- I immediately think- Elie Saab.

Hope you enjoyed this brief coverage and I look forward to the next couple of days to come of Paris Fashion Week- but moreso when I have a seat at the coveted table one day next to the greats #agirlcandreamcantshe

Au Revoir and XOXO,


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